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Insured Security Services

Any task or operation contains some degree of risk and the management of that task will have four options; accept the risk, ignore it, reduce it or transfer it. This is particularly relevant in those areas of the world where the general level of risk is higher because of factors such as civil unrest, political instability, conflict or even natural disasters including earthquaes and tsunamis. Universal Guardian Services Group's service is available to private, corporate and established clients, be they insured or uninsured. We work to define the risk and then provide the protection required. The Insured Security Services Division works with the insurance industry to protect a firm's assets, contain their costs and increase the organization's opportunities in hostile and unsafe environments by providing the following products:

  • Group A
    • Cargo All Risks
    • Emergency Evacuation, Relocation and Repatriation
    • Kidnap for Ransom
    • Extortion
    • Product Extortion and Malicious Product Tampering
    • Piracy
    • Travel Security
    • Sabotage and Terrorism
  • Group B
    • Cargo All Risks
    • Contract All Risks
    • Political All Risks and Contract Frustration
    • Personal Accident
    • Public and Professional Liability
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